Three simple changes which improved my life in 2022

I tried many things in 2022, but I'm listing here only "what worked":

1. Minimalist Home Screen with Google Tasks widgets

I removed app icons on phone home screen and put a personal task list widget so every time I open the phone I see what's not done or reminders. With this approach I can add tasks and set them as done without opening any app, which is usually why all other approaches have failed on me.


2. Read a Daily Digest, Once Per Day

I used a daily digest to consume content/social media so its done "once per day"(mostly true), initially Mailbrew then wrote my own open-source tool Matcha as seen below. Benefits are obvious: better to spend 20 minutes once per day than 20 times 5 minutes throughout the day.

3. Reduce Coffee Consumption to 1 cup

I concluded that no more than one cup of coffee per day was enough to avoid The Great Crash™ but this is personal as caffeine metabolism differs. I also cut out coffee for a full month and loved that the energy level stayed flat all day but it felt like something was missing, so currently I believe a cup per day is a good trade-off and gets you best of both worlds.